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Sú to 2 roky čo sme ako spoločnosť odkúpili cestovateľský portál Travelista. Rozhodli sme sa pre zmenu identity a vznikol projekt Amazing Travel Magazín. Práve pre túto značku sme pripravili jednoduchý dynamický videospot.
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Raising Bertie follows three young men over the course of five years as they grow into adulthood in Bertie County, a rural African-American-led community in North Carolina. Director Margaret Byrne had originally set out to make
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US in Progress is a biannual event held in June during the Champs-Elysées Film Festival in Paris and in October during the American Film Festival in Wroclaw. It’s a five-year-old industry event that aims to strengthen transatlantic film
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With The Duke of Burgundy, the cinephilic English director Peter Strickland has made his third — and perhaps best — film to playfully riff on genre conventions. What begins as a bloodless tale of mistress and maid blossoms
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